gorgeous woman, it's time 
to get out of your own way

and shift your focus and feeling state to the 

badass, brilliant,
unstoppable  leader 
you are.
And I made you something to help you do just that.
My Vision
To impact the lives of millions of women like YOU and provide you with a feel-it-in-your-bones felt sense EXPERIENCE of the limitless power you have within you to do, be and create anything you can possible dream of, and then some.

RISE is the leading audio mindset tool for women leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are ready to step into their full power and potential, right here, right now.

An unparalleled pump-up album for your soul.

A 60-minute audio training that helps you ANCHOR and INTEGRATE the mindset of your next-level self into your body now.

 A  feel-good danceable journey designed to leave you energized, lit up and blazing forward with courage and conviction!
Rise Mindset Mastery Album
Let's put it this way...
If eminem's lose yourself,
tony robbins' nlp courses,
& beyonce's who run the world 
had a soul child,
this  album  would  be  it.
What makes RISE so powerful as a mindset tool?
Sound brings the FREQUENCY of badassery and boldness to life in a way that 
traditional audio courses, trainings, or journaling alone simply cannot.

When masterful rhythm combines with guided words, it forges a luminous pathway between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, enabling you to not only absorb the new information, but integrate new patterns of belief and embody new habits of behavior. 

When should I listen to it?
When you wake up and are getting ready for the day.
When you're on a run, doing the dishes, or driving your car.
Any time you need a dash of powerhouse, unf*ckwithable energy!

Who is this for?
Creative, visionary women who know they're here to change the world.
Anything else I need to know about it?
Warning: May cause miracles.

What You Get
  •  Instant Access to the Rise Mindset Mastery Digital Album. 60+ minutes. Warning: This WILL brainwash you into believing you can achieve anything you set your mind to. ($400 value)
  •  BONUS: Powerhouse Mindset Journals: Two downloadable PDF journals filled with prompts to help you ditch your limiting beliefs and up-level into complete mindset mastery now. ($70 value)
  •  BONUS: 10 free mindset memo wallpaper graphics for your laptop & iPhone ($50 value)
Total Value: $520
regular price: $97
available  now
  for only $49
Mindset Mastery training 
for Women Leaders
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